Spotlight on The Avid Reader

The cutest blog on the block? What’s good!   Big thank you to Autumn for sharing her digital real estate with a fellow blogger, reader, and writer.   If you happen to land on the spotlight, be sure to snoop around her site. There’s always something cool going on there, […]

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publishing a novel

The Summer Abroad: a publishing update, as we end the fall

Three dark themes stalk this journey into self-publishing: Bursts of tinkering, troubleshooting, and anxiety.   Of course there are luminous elements holding hands with me as we progress. But those lights shine in between and at the end of the journey.   Last Friday, I received the edited draft from […]

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love terrestrial

Trailer — Instructions — Newsletter

Ice cream. Outer space. Reflex. Lombok, Indonesia. LCD Soundsystem. Bullseye. Zeker. Mosque. Date. По-русски. Brighton Beach. Vial. Malachite. Autobiography. Vanidades. Superman. Zelda. Sk8ter boi. Summer. Twentysomething. Yawp. Kebab. Kiss. Two-hundred hungry loud Texans. Moons. Gray-whiskered and rough. Argos. Estrangement. Imperceptible smile. Low gravity. Cigarette. Astronomy. Burnt-orange bag. Black Hercules. Queso. Parallax […]

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The Polyglot Manifesto

Art: From NASA, an “earthrise.” Project: This is the result of my two years at The New School, as a graduate student in the Master of fine arts program. Intention: to put everything I care about academically into one essay. Hope: that it help you in some small way, along […]

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Mario Levrero’s The Luminous Novel (Preface)

Click here for PDF — Mario Levrero’s The Luminous Novel (Preface)   Above you will find my translation for Levrero’s preface to his 564-page book, The Luminous Novel. Below you can read the letter I attach to all my proposals to agents and publishing houses that specialize in translated work. […]

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First Day of Spring — A Grand Renovation

Welcome to the new website layout design schema to upload new material for you.   What do you think?   Below is a link for more Spring info: Veneral Equinox (by   (Spontaneously, the key jumped two years ahead, under “Why I Write.”)

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