ode to road blocks

Ode to Road Blocks: a praise in poetry and prose

Be water, my friend. Bruce Lee   Praise to the blocks, the stumbles and locks! They keep villains away, keep terror ad hoc. The purpose of a block is to channel, you know, a flow the consciousness doesn’t know; while laziness allows us to rock peace or pajamas. And what’s […]

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where does inspiration come from

Where does inspiration come from? (A Lyric)

A poignant question, and I seem to have but an hour to ponder the thought. Thus I invite you to take your index finger and run it along the cracks of your vanity mirror, get it out of your matrix. This one’s on the penny side to-day. Ride.   Is […]

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Travel poems

Five Travel Poems (June – July 2018)

Why not get into the holiday spirit with some lines? These I wrote while traveling this past summer. They feel warm to me, silly, carefree, and yearning.  Skim them, or sit on a word for a long time. They are here to keep you company. Personally I like the last […]

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A Dirge to Love (Part 9)

Click here for the PDF — A Dirge to Love (Part 9)   In this week’s episode, we finally see the narrator taking the GRE, and we hear about “you know who.” How would you have reacted?

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A Dirge to Love (Part 8)

Click here for the PDF — A Dirge to Love (Part 8)   Are any of the words in this week’s episode new to you? Write a sentence using it, and leave it in the comment section.

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A Dirge to Love (Part 1)

Click here for the PDF — A Dirge to Love (Part 1)   While studying for the GRE, I encountered a slew of unfamiliar, redundant, archaic, overwrought, and beautiful new vocabulary. In an effort to remember the words, and have a little fun, I wrote a lyrical narrative using all […]

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Tongue Twister (The Walls were Wide…)

(“ua” “uer” “ue”)   The walls were wide with world wide web, while washing woopies whirled without words in a world of warring wookies, notwithstanding missing words pearls too were missing in this world of warring wookies, always worrying ever washing these whirling woopies, here, where the walls were tie-dyed […]

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