Groznyy / Грозный (Ivan Murders Ivan)

The 1885 painting “Ivan the Terrible Killing His Son,” by Ilya Repin, was damaged when a man attacked it with a pole at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.  — NEW YORK TIMES


The news, the news…


This week I have been editing a collection of short stories, with the intention of printing and bounding a “prototype” copy. As coincidence would have it, one of the short stories was inspired by this very painting, which was damaged in a vodka rage this week — apparently there has been a renewed national interest in one of its most enigmatic rulers: one camp remains convinced of his cruelty, the other camp claims he has been misrepresented, even going so far as suggesting his name be changed from “Ivan the Terrible” to “Ivan the not so bad.”


My piece takes “a stab” at seeing the old bear in a more nuanced way. Attached is the story inspired by the painting.


For full PDF of GROZNYY, please click here.

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